We work closely with a variety of leading medical equipment vendors and specialist finance providers.
Our vendor partners use financing packages to boost the sale of medical equipment, strengthen their clients’ loyalty and manage second hand equipment values.

Our clients include: doctors, dental and veterinary practices, opticians, public and private hospitals, laboratories (including dental labs), research institutes and universities.

The types of medical equipment we typically fund include: clinical IT solutions; ultrasound equipment; MRI and CT scanners; dental equipment; microscopes; ophthalmological equipment; endoscopy equipment; lasers and X-ray equipment.

We have a number of funding structures available from simple point of sale web based solutions to more complex managed services contracts with committed customer payment streams.

Transaction size can range from £5k to £5m+. Depending upon the equipment type and term we are able  to take residual value positions in equipment to deliver operating lease solutions.



Vincenzo Scalzone
Head of Vendor Programmes
Technology & Structured Finance
Direct Tel: +44 (0)20  8973 2043